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How To Get Keys To Your Dream Home

When in search for an apartment the end goal is to get the keys to your dream home. However, what we often forget is how to efficiently reach this goal. Here are some tips on how you can walk in prepared into any real estate agency and receive those keys you dream of.


1. Before you begin your search for an apartment/home narrow down a time frame for when you are ready to move or purchase. For example, set a specific date on your calendar when your current lease is up.

2. Consider the options you may have available that are dependent on your income and credit.

3. Ask important questions when speaking to a broker or real estate persons. For example questions like...When will the apartment/home be ready to move in? And/or...What are the requirements for this apartment?

4. Provide the broker or real estate agent with information regarding your income and credit. Also explain how many people will be residing within the home? If applicable provide information about any pets that will be residing within the household.

5. Make a choice. Are satisfied with the consultation you had with a broker or real estate agent? Do you feel comfortable pursuing an apartment or home with them?

6. If you're ready to see apartments be financially prepared. Although you are NOT REQUIRED to put any money down if you are not interested in an apartment, if you happen to come across a good apartment or home for yourself, you will need to be financially prepared to show how interested you are to rent or purchase your new home.

7. Ensure that you have all the documentation necessary to provide information about yourself and your employment. You want to make sure the real estate agency you are working with has all the necessary information landlords will need in order to process your application.

8. Understand that the minimum waiting time for a rental property is 1 to 2 weeks. Although you may need to move 'ASAP', it is important to remain patient in the home seeking process because landlords are running a business and you are not the only person in the application process.

9. Be communicative with your broker or real estate agent. If at anytime you feel concerned or unsure about anything during your rental or home buying process call them. Be honest and explain your concerns. Communication is key and lessens the chance of wasted time.

10. Be on hand for your lease signing. Once you are approved for the apartment/home, you must finish the process by signing the leases. Make exceptions to your schedule if needed because this is the moment you have been waiting for. You don't want your absence or lateness to become a negative factor to getting your keys and moving in.

These 10 basic tips are simple things you can do to ensure a smooth application process for your new home. They apply to any and everyone and the success in acquiring your new home/apartment is totally up to you. As a reminder always keep in mind that communication is your best friend!

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